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Biography/Profile/History Of The Newly Eleceted Head Of UEFA “Aleksander Ceferin”

uefa Nationality: Slovenian
Date of birth: 13 October 1967
Association president since: 2011

• A graduate of Ljubljana University’s law faculty, Aleksander Čeferin went on to work for his family’s law firm, developing a special interest in representing professional athletes and sports clubs. He later took over from his father as company director.

• First took a formal interest in local football in 2005 through his work with the executive board of KMN Svea Lesna Litija, one of Slovenia’s most successful futsal clubs. A member of the executive committee of amateur side FC Ljubljana Lawyers since 2005, he served as a member at NK Olimpija Ljubljana from 2006-11.ncs_modified20160914133235maxw640imageversiondefaultar-160919642Aleksander Ceferin will succeed Michel Platini as the head of Uefa. Milos Bicanski / Getty Images

• A married father of three, fluent in English and Italian, he was elected as Football Association of Slovenia president in 2011, and said: “Even though we are a small country, we have many areas where we have achieved great successes, including football. My focus as president will be on our clubs. We need to regulate clubs’ relations with the national team, and an extremely important element of Slovenian football is youth development.” He was re-elected for a second four-year term in February 2015.

The Newly Elected Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin has been a high profile lawyer in his native Slovenia but had no record in football until he took over his country’s football federation in 2011.

Ceferin, 48 and a father of three, has often appeared on Slovenian television speaking for high-profile defendants represented by his family law firm, never losing his temper and always keeping the image of someone who has the situation under control.

Uefa will be a severe test of his skills as European football’s governing body seeks to overcome the shock of losing former president Michel Platini, implicated in Fifa’s corruption scandals, and facing challenges to its prized Uefa Champions League.

Ceferin already surprised people when he took over the presidency of Slovenia’s football association, the NZS, in 2011 and quickly joined Fifa’s disciplinary committee and Uefa’s legal committee.aleksander-ceferin-uefa

UEFA elected Aleksander Čeferin as its new UEFA president on Wednesday, succeeding Michel Platini.

Čeferin, 48, won 42 of the 55 votes at the Extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens, beating Michael van Praag of the Netherlands.

He will complete Platini’s four-year presidential term through 2019, after Platini resigned in May after he was banned by FIFA for taking a $2 million improper payment.

“Some people may have said that I am not a leader, that I am too young and too inexperienced to become the next UEFA president,” Ceferin said. “It’s not because you repeat again and again, loud and clear ‘I am a leader’ that you are a leader. If you have to do it you are probably not a leader. You can say that I am young and experienced but I honestly think it disrespectful for all small and medium-sized federations who, 365 days a year, have to do more with less.

Čeferin, head of the Slovenian federation, is the seventh president of Europe’s governing soccer body.

Čeferin is a lawyer by trade and says that working with Slovenia’s soccer federation required him to be “creative, strong and inspiring.”

“You can say that I am young and experienced but I honestly think it disrespectful for all small and medium-sized federations who, 365 days a year, have to do more with less,” Ceferin said.



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