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Biography/Profile/History Of Late Japanese-American professional wrestler “WWE Harry ‘Mr. Fuji’ Fujiwara”


Date of Birth 4 May 1937, Hawaii, USA
Nicknames Master Fuji
Mr. Fuji
Shintaro Fuji
Height 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)


harry-fujiwara-03Mini Bio:

Japanese-American professional wrestler, manager and trainer as Mr. Fuji. He debuted on December 15, 1964 as Mr. Fujiwara in Hawaii.

He won his first title when he and Curtis Iaukea defeated Lord James Blears and Neff Maivia for the NWA Hawaii Tag Team Championship. He would go on to compete for WWE, World Championship Wrestling in Australia, the Continental Wrestling Association (Memphis) and several NWA territories.

He moved into the role of manager in the 1980s in WWE, finding his greatest successes with Don Muraco, Demolition (Ax (Bill Eadie) and Smash (Barry Darsow)) and Yokozuna (Rodney Anoai). He retired from wrestling in 1996. He worked for a time at a movie theater in Knoxville, TN. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.Former-professional-wrestlers-Harry-Fujiwara-aka-Mr-Fuji-and-Yokozuna-MAIN


Trade Mark:

Bowler hat and cane (often used as a weapon)



  • Former professional wrestler.
  • Former WWF Tag Team Champion.
  • Retired from the ring to work for the WWF as a manager.
  • Creator of the Fujiwara arm bar
In one of the WWFs most infamous moments, George Steele & Mr. Fuji teamed up against Hulk Hogan & “Mean” Gene Okerlund.
Notable Title Wins Include: NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles (4); NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title; IWA Tag Team titles; WWWF Tag Team titles w/Toru Tanaka (3); NWA San Francisco United States title; NWA Georgia Tag Team titles; NWA Hawaii Tag Team titles; NWA Southeastern Tag Team titles; AWA Southern Tag Team titles; NWA New Zealand British Empire/Commonwealth title; WWC North American title; WWC North American Tag Team titles; NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles; NWA Canadian Heavyweight title; WWF Tag Team titles w/Mr. Saito (2)NEFm8t48Fn2zIF_1_b
Wrestlers who he has managed include George Steele, Magnificent Muraco, The Moondogs, Killer Kahn, Jim Neidhart, Sika Jim Harris., Demolition, Powers of Pain, Berzerker, Orient Express, Crush, Yokozuna and Owen Hart.
Former World Tag Team Champion.
He began his professional wrestling career in 1965. He based his wrestling character “Mr. Fuji” (originally “Mr. Fujiwara”) on Harold Sakata’s character “Odd Job” in the recent highly popular film “Goldfinger” (1964). Harold Sakata was also a Japanese-American professional wrestler from Hawaii.
Catchphrase: “Banzai!”.
When doing his “Mr. Fuji” character, he would exaggerate his Japanese accent. Mr. Fuji “hails from Osaka, Japan.” Harry Fujiwara was actually born and raised in Hawaii.
A bit of chicanery he learned from fellow Hawaiian wrestler Harold Sakata’s repertoire of villainy was the throwing of salt into his opponents eyes.
Mr. Fuji is remembered by the public as one of the great heels in professional wrestling. Harry Fujiwara is remembered by his colleagues for his overwhelming sense of humor. He was known to go to great lengths to pull off a prank or practical joke.
Well aware of his sense of humor, the WWF (now the WWE), had his Mr. Fuji character perform in a recurring series of comedy skits on their weekly “Tuesday Night Titans” (1984) program, itself a spoof of talk shows featuring their roster of profession wrestlers. These series of skits included “Fuji General” (a spoof of hospital soap operas), “Fuji Vice” (a spoof of the then popular series “Miami Vice” (1984)), “Fuji Chan” (a spoof of oriental detectives) and “Fuji Bandito.” Mr. Fuji’s flubbing of lines were as much a part of the entertainment value as the thread bare scripts.
CREDIT: – IMDb Mini Biography By: JasonIK75

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