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Biography/Profile/History Of CEO of Vikantti Software and CTO & Co-founder of “Emeka Okoye”


Emeka Okoye is the CEO of Vikantti Software and CTO & co-founder of The latter is a website that focuses on geosocial connectivity using various applications, including SMS and mobile phones. Okoye has over 17 years’ experience in Web, Enterprise & Mobile Software and Project Management.

He graduated as a Geologist in 1990 but being passionate about software engineering, he built Nigeria’s first banking website (IBTC, 1996) and Internet Banking app (IBTC, 1997), co-founded one of Nigeria’s earliest start-ups and built the biggest Nigerian Portal (, 1997) and was the Project Manager/Lead Architect of Nigeria’s first major E-commerce Project in 2000 (FSB Bank, Valucard, UPS & Xerox, 2000).url

After building Africa’s first mobile app for crowd-sourcing election data in 2011, Emeka has been pioneering the adoption of Semantic Web and Linked Open Data in Africa. As the Architect for Africa’s first Semantic Web music portal, MusicInAfrica, Emeka is undoubtedly one of the continent’s visionaries in mobile applications development.

His software development company, Vikantti mostly develops enterprise-related products such as Signature Verification Systems, Cheque Confirmation Systems, ATM Journal Management Systems and Mastercard Applications, among other things. In 2012, he founded OpenDataNG, a citizen-led Linked Open Data initiative for Nigeria to make public data accessible to common folks, discovering insights for organizations and generating wealth from Government data.


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