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Biography/Profile/History Of 2016 MTN Project Fame “Season 9” Elizabeth Emoruwa


She is fondly referred to by friends and family asElbe- short form of Elizabeth coined by the damsel herself. This 24 year old was forced to grow up after the demise of her loving and doting dad. As the last child of the house, she enjoyed attention from her dad until his death in 2013.

Very early in life, her Dad introduced every member of her family to music, got them musical instruments, hence she sees him as her first musical influence.

The pretty gap-toothed singer studied Mass Communication at Eruwa Campus of the prestigious Ibadan Polytechnic, Oyo State. She sees herself as strangely quiet but jovial and cool to be with. Auditioning for Project Fame in Lagos was her very first real audition; and she is here to define her musical journey. Her hobbies include singing in the kitchen and bathroom, talking and swimming (even if she has never tried it before).


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