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Biography/Profile/History Of (2016 MTN Project Fame Season 9) “Benjamin Okocha”

0d0c19531d6e29f793ed165732978408_xl With his intimidating height and full-bearded face, you will hardly believe he is 19. Benjamin Okocha has auditioned for Project Fame thrice and feels very glad to be part of season 9.
The proudly Igbo boy grew among a family of three boys and his parents.

The seeming close knit family soon collapsed when his mum and dad parted ways and he was left with his mum. His committed mum made sure Benjamin went to church; he quickly joined the choir at a young age with mum and voila.
He is all out to win the prize, if not for anything but to make his family proud, complete his education and do good music with ease.
Benjamin’s hobbies include singing and gisting, but he looks forward to becoming an African musical act to reckon with and be the voice to the voiceless. He is currently in a relationship and not ready to ‘mingle’ in the Academy.

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