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Biography | Profile| History Of Nollywood Actress & Producer “Princess Linda Adedeji”

Princess Linda Adedeji, a graduate of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, is a Nollywood actress, movie producer and a business lady. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE, she speaks on her love for acting and her fashion preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up.
MY growing up was so sweet and interesting because I was born with a silver spoon. I did not lack anything as a child. My parents were always there for me, they wanted me to be happy always  because they waited for  five years before they had me. I am the second out of a family of seven, my mum, dad and five kids (three girls and two boys). I had my primary and secondary school  education in Ekiti State. I did my Ordinary National Diploma(OND) at the Federal Polytechic, Ado Ekiti, before I joined the  movie industry. I later furthered my education at the Lagos State University, Ojoo, Lagos State, where I bagged a B.Sc degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (IRPM).

Foray into acting.
Acting has always been my dream right from my childhood. I started writing script when I was in primary four. I was the drama group leader in my primary and secondary school days, so, acting has been part of me since my childhood and that is why I am into it fully now. I joined the movie industry in 2004 and I quit acting for a while in 2006. I later went back into acting in 2010, but all together, I have been on the scene for nine years. I have featured in over 50 movies and I have produced three so far. The first film I produced was Igbekun-Abo in 2005, and the second was Alejo in 2006. The third one is Oyinkansola, which was released in January, 2013.

Description of self.
I am a very calm lady. I am God-fearing. I believe so much in God and that is why I  pray a lot, I am very accommodating and tolerant.

 Definition of style.
Style to me is what makes you standout and comfortable. I am a very fashionable person. I do not wear clothes because they are in vogue, rather, I  wear what fits me. I do not usually buy readymade clothes  because I don’t like common  attires. I love to design my wear myself. I also have good designers who  make my clothes that are unique,chic and trendy for me.

Beauty regimen.
Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. I love to pamper my skin once in a while, so, I go for Sauna  bath, I do wax my skin because I am a very hairy person as you can see. I  don’t wear heavy make-up, my make-up is always mild no matter what the occasion is. I also use mild creams becauseI have a very soft skin.

Favourite designers.
I love Terry Muggler shirt (TM), Next tops, Gucci bags and shoes, Louis Vuitton bags,Victoria  Secret underwears and also Nigerian designers.

Favourite perfumes.
Waoh! I  love to smell good, I wear Midnight Poison (feminine),TM, Angel and Emrald Dream. I love perfume so much which is the reason I ventured into that line of business.

 Favourite colours.
I love white and black.

Choice of accessories.
Beads, yellow and white gold. But I love beads a lot.

Fashion item I cannot do without.
Accessories, most especially my earrings are always a part of me.

Secret of my beauty.
God, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. On my own part, I  drink lot of water and eat a lot of fruits. I also make sure that I do not use harsh cream and  I take very good care of my skin.

Keeping fit.
Yes of course. I go to gym regularly because I have to keep fit as an actress.

Special treat.
Whenever I want to pamper myself, I go on holiday with my family. We usually go to Tenerife in Spain or Ibiza, a Mediterranean lsland, off the Coast of Valencia, also in Spain, it is a big fun spot, you will get to meet lots of celebrities from all over the world.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe.
My gold accessories.

Opinion on toning.
It is okay, if it is done moderately.

My take on cosmetic surgery.
No go area. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, as a matter of fact, I hate people that do that because I believe they don’t appreciate their creator by recreating themselves and funny enough, no matter how perfectly it is done, it has repercussion.

On provocative dressing.
I wear sexy dresses as well as fitted clothes that bring out my ‘figure 8’ shape, but I can’t call them provocative since they don’t expose my private parts.

Greatest physical asset.
My boobs and back side.

Coping with male admirers.
As a beautiful actress, if I tell you that men don’t come to me, I would be economical with the truth, but once I tell them that I am married, they do back off or become my platonic friends. God has given me the best man in the whole world as a husband,  no other man can take his place in my heart. So, I  know how to send them away in a matured way.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing.
G string and bra to the beach or pool.


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