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American-Nigerian rapper, Princess Vitarah PLANS sexual relations with Donald Trump. 

American-Nigerian rapper, Princess Vitarah is back generating controversy. This time, she’s rapping about having sexual relations with the president of the United States, Donald Trump. 

“I wanna f**k Donald Trump, my pu**y kill niggas” – Princess Vitarah raps

Nigerian pvssy singer, Princess Vitarah is back with another sexually explicit song. This time, her focus is president Donald Trump!

In a music video she released yesterday, the rapper who likes to rap about the human private parts is seen in the video whining and grinding against a man masked as Trump.

“I wanna f*** Donald Trump”
“I wanna f*** Donald Trump cos my p**** kill niggas,” she rapped.
The man mimicking Mr. Trump in the video can be seen in different raunchy positions with the rapper. He is also seen in bondage, a rope keeping him bound to a chair as Vitarah acted like she was trying to strangle and stab him.


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