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2 incredible runners “Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand & Abbey D’Agostino of the U.S” collided then chose sportsmanship over medals At #RioOlympics2016

kattey The scene probably felt like something out of a nightmare for Olympic runners Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand and Abbey D’Agostino of the U.S.

The two Olympians were competing in the women’s (downright grueling) 5,000-meter race in Rio de Janeiro on August 16th, 2016, when they got tangled up on the congested track.

Hamblin fell, and D’Agostino — who was right behind her and unable to avoid a collision — tumbled to the ground as well.

runner1-50204fd2fe57f8fbc1cb1e445970d8bbPhoto by Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters.

Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters.


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